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Best Pedestal Fans in India 2020 | Reviews and Buying Guide

In this era, when technological changes are making almost every device become more efficient and effective, when we talk about the mechanical products called fans, you see that a lot of changes have taken place that allow efficient…

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3 Blades vs 4 Blades vs and 5 Blades Ceiling fan comparison

3 Blades vs 4 Blades vs and 5 Blades fan comparison

A fan is an electrical machine with rotating blades, creating a current of cool air in the atmosphere. One of the key elements that play an important role in delivering the air is the blades of the fan….

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Best Exhaust Fan for Kitchen in India 2020 Reviews

best kitchen exhaust fan

The key features that intrigues the customers while buying a kitchen exhaust fan are the motor speed, air suction capacity, and power consumption. The purpose of an exhaust fan is to vent out the unwanted air from a…

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Gorilla Ceiling Fans (BLDC) by Atomberg Technologies Review 2020

Gorilla Ceiling Fans

Atomberg Technologies is one of the prominent names in the fan industry. Atomberg Technologies came up with an incredible innovation: the energy-efficient gorilla fans. These gorilla ceiling fans are based on a brushless direct current which is commonly…

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How Much Electricity Does a Fan Use?

How Much Electricity Does a Fan Use

During the hot summer days in India, all of us want a constant flow of cool air to hit us so that we stay cool. But, the issue at hand is that we can’t keep the fans turned…

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