With summers approaching in India, the use of ceiling fans becomes frequent. As more and more people are adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle, the use of air conditioners has substantially reduced. Consequently, many are relying more on a ceiling fan to relieve themselves from scorching Indian summers.

A ceiling fan is an affordable as well as an eco-friendly solution to combat hot summers in India. However, there are too many brands offering to sell ceiling fans in India which confuses a buyer. So if you’re looking to buy a fan, it is important to do some research and figure out the best brands selling ceiling fans. Here are the best ceiling fan brands in India 2021.


Even before knowing the best ceiling fan brands in India 2021, it is crucial to know the parameters that will help in deciding the best ceiling fan brands. Following are the factors that you must look at in a brand selling ceiling fans:


A ceiling fan is an electrical appliance that do not bought very frequently. We use one ceiling fan for over 3 years and even more at times. Therefore, choosing a brand that offers durable ceiling fans is vital. 


The quality of products was something that can never be compromised by consumer.

Especially when you’re using are appliance for almost 8-10 an months in a year, a high-quality product is preferred. So, go for brands with superior quality and efficient ceiling fans.


A brand selling ceiling fans equipped with the latest features is an key factor to be looked into. People are more inclined towards brands offering to sell ceiling fans that provide the maximum cooling effect by consuming minimal power. Fans of certain brands equipped with long blades, remote controllers, and noise-free features also stand out.


Affordability is yet another factor to be considered as spending exorbitantly are ceiling fans is not within everyone’s means. Hence, a majority of consumers look for good-quality products at a reasonable cost. It is, therefore crucial to opt for brands selling budget-friendly ceiling fans.


Fan ceiling brands that offer a wide variety of products at competitive prices suiting the needs of all types of customers are a great choice. Consumers have a right to choose and that’s only possible if varied products launched.


Customer reviews are a boon when it comes to selecting the best ceiling fan brand in India. Brands that are reviewed with 4 or 5 stars by verified customers are reliable and should be or preferred while buying ceiling fans.


Nowadays, many brands are offering elegant and attractive ceiling fans. It not only enhances the interior decor of your home but also serves its purpose of providing a superior cooling effect. Brands that come up with ceiling fans of unique design, colour scheme, and looks are always high in demand.


Ceiling fan brands that provide a warranty of certain years are like cherry on top of the cake. Warranty is an add-on benefit that ensures brand reputation and consumer relationships.

A combination of all these factors in ceiling fans will be the ideal option for consumers. But the best ceiling fan brand in India 2021 is the one that offers ceiling fans equipped with most of these features.


Following are the best ceiling fan brands in India 2021:


Crompton Aura has indeed managed to acquire a large market in the electrical appliance industry and especially when it comes to ceiling fans. It is widely known to provide durable yet aesthetic are fans. The high-class ceiling fans sold by Crompton Aura are not only appealing to the eyes but also equipped with powerful performance, remote control, and power-saving features. It has thus become one of the best ceiling fan brands in India in 2021.



Havells is undoubtedly one of the most popular brands for home electrical appliances. It offers a wide range of superior quality ceiling fans in India. The ceiling fans sold by Havells come in a variety of sizes, features, and prices. It suits the needs of all types of customers. Its long-standing market reputation makes Havells a reliable brand in electrical appliances including ceiling fans and expands its customer reach.  


Orient is one of the oldest ceiling fan brands in India. It is one of the most reputable brands known for selling high-quality ceiling fans for on decades. Their products are authentic and efficient in functioning. Orient ceiling fans are elegant and affordable at the same time.


One of the brands offering the latest technology in ceiling fans to beat the heat is Luminous. It is not only popular in the battery and bulb industry but also in the ceiling fans market. It is undoubtedly a leading company in providing high-speed fans equipped with advanced technology. The costs are also competitive and suitable for all types of customers.


Atomberg is a new brand that provides one of the smartest and energy-efficient ceiling fans in India. Equipped with the latest technology to meet the international market standards, Atomberg has raised the bar for other Indian ceiling fan brands. Atomberg ceiling fan saves you from the unbearable summer heat as well as extremely high electricity bills.


A super reliable brand, Bajaj is well-known for its high-speed ceiling fans. It has been serving its customers for years now without compromising on quality. Its long-standing market reputation has indeed made it one of the most trusted brands in the ceiling fans business.


A famous brand for ceiling fans in India, Usha offers durable and superior-quality fans. It has successfully maintained its market dominance in the Indian ceiling fan industry for decades. Usha is a highly reputed brand selling long-lasting yet affordable ceiling fans suitable for a majority of middle-class Indians.


Candes is a brand that presents highly reasonable and elegant ceiling fans. It comes with 2-3 years of warranty that assures its quality and efficiency. Candes ceiling fans was made up of anti-dust and anti-rust material hence require low maintenance.

So these are the best ceiling fans brands in India 2021 that you can opt for. BEST CEILING FAN BRANDS IN INDIA