Top 10 Best Pedestal Fans in India 2021 – Review & Buying Guide

In this era, when technological changes are making almost every device become more efficient and effective, when we talk about the mechanical products called fans, you see that a lot of changes have taken place that allows efficient performance that the users feel satisfied with. Fans are an inevitable part of our lives. Among the various types of fans, there is the pedestal fan. The pedestal fans are famous and known for their easy to use efficient and convenient service. They are the most famous and most used in Asian countries. When talking about the best type of fans regarding performance and efficient use, you cannot forget to mention the pedestal fans!

What is a pedestal fan?

A pedestal fan, in very brief words, is an electric fan that has oscillating capabilities and is fixed on a long adjustable or detachable stand.

Although the pedestal fans have been in the market for as far back as we can see, they have gained immense popularity in recent times due to the convenience and easy use that they provide the users with. Now you have many pedestal fans in the market from big brands with lots of essential and useful features, designs, and performance and you can surely get the best pedestal fan that will fulfill your needs and your requirements in the best way possible.

Benefits of using a Pedestal Fan

Why would one prefer a pedestal fan over, say, a ceiling fan, or a table fan? Well, we are going to clear this up. Here are the benefits that you will be getting by using a pedestal fan during the hot summer days.

Easily movable.

The first and foremost reason why a pedestal fan is very beneficial during the hot summer days is that it is easily moveable. You can’t sit in one place all summer under a ceiling fan. You need to move around. But you can’t take the ceiling fans or the air conditioners with you, wherever you go. What helps in this scenario? A pedestal fan. With lightweight designs and supreme performance, you have lots of pedestal fans to choose from in the market. You can move these around with ease. All you need is an electrical socket to plug it in and guess what? There are rechargeable pedestal fans that run on their inbuilt battery, so you don’t even need an electrical socket if you can get one of these models.

So, you want to sit on that terrace of yours and read a good book on a beautiful summer evening? Take the pedestal fan there with you and enjoy the times.

Larger rooms.

We all know that a ceiling fan or a table fan doesn’t work so well in large spaces and does not conveniently provide the airflow and cooling that we require during times of high temperatures. This is one benefit of a pedestal fan that they work extremely well in larger spaces and are able to provide the perfect level of cooling to a lot of people, easily and efficiently.

So, if you are looking for something that will be able to keep the cooling flowing in that large room or office of yours, a high-quality pedestal fan will be able to provide the required cooling.

Modern features and design.

Thanks to technology, the new models of the pedestal fans are equipped with the latest features and the most elegant and modern designs. Features such as height adjustments, remote controls, and adjustable fan speeds make it possible for every customer to get the pedestal fan that will fulfill their needs in the most convenient way possible. The options in design and colors allow you to get the fan that will match the aesthetic of your interiors.

The famous and well-known brands have a variety of models of pedestal fans to choose from.

Top 10 Best Pedestal Fans in India

We are here to help you in your quest for buying the best pedestal fan possible. We are going to give you all the information that you need about the best pedestal fans available in the market currently in order to help you decide the best fan that you can get for yourself. The top 10 best pedestal fans in the market, currently, are:

SL. NO.Top 10 Best Pedestal FansReview & Buying
1.Usha Maxx Air 400mm Pedestal Fan.Check on Amazon
2.ANISO High-Speed Pedestal Fan 400mm.Check on Amazon
3.Havells V3 Yurbo 450mm Pedestal Fan.Check on Amazon
4.American Micronic- AMI-PFT-55WDx Imported Pedestal Fan 400mm.Check on Amazon
5.Orient Electric Stand-82 400mm Pedestal FanCheck on Amazon
6.V-Guard Finesta Remote 400mm Pedestal Fan.Check on Amazon
7.Panasonic F-40XSA-G 400mm Slide Pedestal Fan (Grey)Check on Amazon
8.iBELL WINDP10 Pedestal Fan.Check on Amazon
9.V-Guard Gatimaan High-Speed Pedestal Fan With Timer; 2100 RPM.Check on Amazon
10.Havells Augusta 400 MM Pedestal Fan.Check on Amazon

Usha Maxx Air 400mm Pedestal Fan.


Usha is a well-known name in the Indian market and its products are of the highest and the most supreme quality. When talking about the best pedestal fans in the market, the Usha Maxx Air 400mm pedestal fan makes it in our top 10 list with ease. With an elegant design, aerodynamic blades for perfect air delivery, low power consumption, and other great features such as being jerk-free and uniform oscillation, this fan is a great buy for anyone looking for a high-performing pedestal fan.

  • Key Specifications:
  • 3 aerodynamically designed blades.
  • Low power consumption. (55w)
  • Remote control operation.
  • Corrosion protected ABS body and PP blades.
  • Special oil reservoir lubrication for extended life.
  • Pros:
  • Perfect air delivery.
  • Quiet motor.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Remote control.
  • Special lubrication system for extended useful life.
  • Cons:
  • Build quality isn’t impressive. The plastic needs improvement.
  • The fan blades attract dust very quickly.
  • No wheels.
  • 1450 RPM only.

Customer Feedback:
The customers on Amazon give this fan, positive reviews to this product, praising its high performance and great features. Despite a few drawbacks, this fan is still recommended by users to anyone looking for a high-performance fan at an affordable price.


ANISO High Speed Pedestal Fan 400mm.

pedestral fan india

A perfect blend of performance, design, and quality, the ANISO High-Speed Pedestal Fan offers a lot of value. With a high-speed fan that provides perfect airflow, an oscillation of 80 degrees, a timer feature, and a 3 speed setting along with an adjustable height feature, this fan really does have it all! With all of these features and a great performance, this fan made it on our list of the top pedestal fans.

  • Key Specifications:
  • 3-speed options of low (1750 RPM), medium (2000 RPM), and high (2300 RPM).
  • Oscillation of 80 degrees.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Timer feature.
  • 120w power consumption.
  • Pros:
  • High fan speed (max of 2300RPM).
  • Perfect air delivery.
  • Height adjustment and oscillation.
  • Cons:
  • It produces a lot of noise as compared to other fans.
  • Power consumption is also more than other fans.
  • Slightly overpriced.
  • Customer Feedback:

The customers on Amazon give this pedestal fan good reviews and praise its numerous features such as different speed settings, timer, and height adjustment. The customers do claim that the fan produces a lot of noise when compared with other fans and therefore anyone who is looking for a noiseless fan will not be satisfied with this model. Other than a few drawbacks, this fan is a great buy with a lot of features and the customers recommend it.


Havells V3 Yurbo 450mm Pedestal Fan.


Havells, another big and well-known name in the electric industry, impresses us with their V3 Yurbo 450mm Pedestal Fan. With a thermal overload protector, a high-quality metallic body, and an overall efficient performance, this fan makes it in our top 10 best pedestal fans list.

  • Key Specifications:
  • Metallic body.
  • 100w power consumption.
  • Air delivery of 110CMM.
  • RPM of 1400.
  • 62 dB noise level.
  • Pros:
  • Adjustable height.
  • Powerful fan.
  • Thermal overload protector.
  • Affordable price.
  • Cons:
  • Noisy operation.
  • No remote control.
  • Average airflow.
  • Produces vibrations when running.
  • Build quality could be better.
  • Customer Feedback:
  • The customers on Amazon recommend this product because of its overall features and performance but they do complain about the build quality and the lack of remote control. Despite these drawbacks, this product is recommended by the customers and they say it is a great fan of efficient overall performance.
American Micronic- AMI-PFT-55WDx Imported Pedestal Fan 400mm.


An imported model in the market, this fan is a durable, good-looking, and efficient product. It has aerodynamically designed blades with a sweep of 400mm and 3-speed settings along with uniform oscillation and height adjustment features. This fan had to be on our best pedestal fans list.

  • Key Specifications:
  • Power saving motor.
  • 2 hours timer with an auto-shutdown feature.
  • Height is adjustable.
  • Automatic oil reservoir lubrication.
  • Fiber body.
  • Pros:
  • High quality build.
  • Power saving features.
  • Silent motor.
  • Efficient airflow.
  • Affordable price.
  • Cons:
  • No remote control.
  • Wobbling issue.
  • Average speed.
  • Customer Feedback:
  • The customers on Amazon highly recommend this product due to its extremely efficient performance. The features that the fan has been very good and despite a few minor drawbacks, this fan will be a great buy for anyone and the customers recommend it. This fan really is among the best pedestal fans in the market.
Orient Electric Stand-82 400mm Pedestal Fan

Orient, another well-known branded company in the market, gives us the Electric Stand-82 400mm pedestal fan, which is nothing but impressive as one would expect from a great brand like Orient. With an efficient performance and very silent operation, this fan makes it to our best pedestal fans list.

  • Key Specifications:
  • Aerodynamic resin blades for perfect air delivery.
  • 3 speed piano switch control feature.
  • Oscillation of up to 90 degrees.
  • Adjustable tilt mechanism (Upward and downward).
  • Thermal overload protection feature.
  • Power consumption of 53w.
  • Height adjustment.
  • Pros:
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Silent operation.
  • Good air throw.
  • Very affordable.
  • Cons:
  • No wheels.
  • Build quality is not very durable.
  • Customer Feedback:
  • The customers on Amazon recommend this product to anyone because of its great and efficient performance and super features. Orient doesn’t let people down when it comes to performance and quality. The drawbacks that this fan has are negligible and users claim that this model is among the best pedestal fans that someone can get in the market currently.
V-Guard Finesta Remote 400mm Pedestal Fan.

With a super sleek and compact design, the V-Guard Finesta 400mm comes with 3-speed settings and an economic design that makes sure that the power consumption is low. The motorized oscillation feature makes sure that the air is delivered everywhere in a room perfectly. This fan is surely among the best pedestal fans that one can get.

  • Key Specifications:
  • Remote controlled.
  • Motorized oscillation feature.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Thermal overload protection.
  • Fiber blades.
  • 3-speed settings.
  • Timer feature.
  • Pros:
  • Remote control feature.
  • Affordable price.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • 3 modes: natural, sleep, and normal.
  • Cons:
  • Noisy operation.
  • Build quality is not very sufficient.
  • Average airflow.
  • Customer Feedback:
  • The customers on Amazon recommend this product for its various features and economic friendly performance. It does have a few drawbacks such as producing noise while operating and having an average build, but despite all this, this is a decent product overall and the customers recommend it


Panasonic F-40XSA-G 400mm Slide Pedestal Fan (Grey)

Panasonic is a well-known international brand offering high-quality products with great performance. The F-40XSA-G 400mm pedestal fan by Panasonic is a great buy for anyone looking for a good-quality pedestal fan. It offers features like 3 different speed settings, height adjustments, and low power consumption. This model is also among the best pedestal fans that you can get in the market currently.

  • Key Specifications:
  • Noiseless operation.
  • Low power consumption (58w).
  • Oscillation up to 80 degrees.
  • Safety thermal and current fuse.
  • Double ball bearings for high reliability.
  • Pros:
  • Jerk free oscillation.
  • 1240 RPM.
  • Tilting mechanism.
  • Stable design.
  • Cons:
  • The height of the fan is not adjustable to desired lengths.
  • No remote control.
  • Slightly overpriced for what it offers.
  • Customer Feedback:

The customers on Amazon praise its overall performance and quality but the lack of a remote control system is not well received by most users. All in all, this is a durable and high-performing product that is highly recommended by users.

iBELL WINDP10 Pedestal Fan.

If you’re looking for a pedestal fan that will help you get through the hot summer days, then this might be it. This fan is among the best pedestal fans list because of its features and performance. With a powerful motor, portable design, high airflow delivery, and almost silent operation, this fan will be a great buy.

  • Key Specifications:
  • Remote control features.
  • Low power consumption motor (55w only).
  • Wide sweep oscillation.
  • The pure copper motor that is designed especially for Indian weather.
  • 3-speed controls.
  • 2-hour timer feature.
  • Self-lubricating motor for efficient performance.
  • Pros:
  • Noiseless operation.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Wide oscillation.
  • 3-speed controls.
  • 1350 RPM.
  • Remote control.
  • Cons:
  • Build quality is average.
  • Fan speed is average.
  • Minor wobbling might be experienced.
  • Customer Feedback:

The customers on Amazon say that for what they pay, this fan offers a lot of performance and quality and has satisfied them highly. Despite having a few drawbacks the customers consider this fan to be among the best pedestal fans in the market and highly recommend it.

V-Guard Gatimaan High-Speed Pedestal Fan With Timer; 2100 RPM.

With a high-speed performance (2100 rotations per minute), an efficient motor, an in-built timer, and stable design, this fan makes its way on our best pedestal fans list easily.

  • Key Specifications:
  • High-speed fan.
  • Jerk free oscillation.
  • Optimum power consumption.
  • Overload and overheat protection features.
  • 400mm sweep.
  • Stable design.
  • Pros:
  • High RPM of 2100.
  • Stable design.
  • Good power consumption.
  • High air throw.
  • Cons:
  • Produces high noise during operation.
  • Some of the material used on the build is of low quality.
  • No option to control the swing angle.
  • Customer Feedback:

The customers on Amazon highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a high-performing pedestal fan with a great value for money. Though the problem of high noise is not liked by many users, still, the overall performance and features make it a product that is worth buying.

Havells Augusta 400 MM Pedestal Fan.

The Havells Augusta 400mm Pedestal Fan is another great product from Havells. With superb air delivery, adjustable oscillation, and stylish design, this fan is among the best pedestal fans that you can get.

  • Key Specifications:
  • 400mm sweep.
  • Low power consumption of only 54w.
  • Jerk free and vibration-free design.
  • Adjustable oscillation.
  • Pros:
  • Adjustable height.
  • Power-efficient.
  • Sturdy build and quality.
  • Cons:
  • No remote control.
  • Slow speed.
  • Customer Feedback:

The customers on Amazon say that Havells is a brand that they trust and this product is really great regarding its performance and they would happily recommend it to others.

Buying guide for Best Pedestal fans in India

Before you step into the market (even if it’s the online market) and start looking for the best pedestal fan to get for yourself, make sure you understand and keep in mind the following things that will enable you to make a perfect purchase that you won’t regret.

Consider your budget and your needs.

Before you start looking for a pedestal fan for yourself, plan out your budget, and consider your needs and requirements. You have a great variety of pedestal fans in the market that you can buy but not all the fans are made to serve the same needs. First of all, decide your budget and then look at your needs. Then look for a pedestal fan in the range of your budget and then decide about getting the best available model in that budget category that will be able to fulfill your requirements and needs perfectly.

Decide on a good brand.

There are a lot of options for you in the market and it is necessary that you go for the best brand that you possibly can so that you get the pedestal fan of the highest quality that won’t require much maintenance from your side and will cater to your needs efficiently. A good brand is really important.

Additional features.

Some pedestal fans will have advanced features that will be very useful to you but some might also have features that are purely not required and will just add to the cost of the fan that you are going to purchase. Sure, additional features are cool but really think about the extra features that you really require and not just go for anything with additional features as it will only increase your buying cost and won’t necessarily provide you with more efficiency in performance.

Size and energy consumption.

The pedestal fans vary in size and their power consumption qualities. You must always strive to go for the fan that has energy-saving technology so that it does not eat up a lot of energy and hence add to your electricity bill tremendously. Similarly, you need to consider the space where you are going to use the fan and then decide about the size of the fan accordingly. A large space requires a large fan and subsequently, a smaller area will need a smaller fan for optimal performance.

Advantages and Features of a Best Pedestal Fan

The pedestal fans are among the list of the best portable devices and face a huge increase in demand over time. And there must be some advantages that have caused this spike in demand for time. Along with personal comfort services and climate control features, it has other advantages as well. We will share those advantages of the pedestal fans with you.

There is no need for a lot of maintenance

Unlike the traditional ceiling fans, the pedestal fans do not actually require much maintenance as long as you use it properly and take care of it generally. This is a plus point because you do not have to worry about maintaining it all at frequent intervals. This makes these fans a superior choice.

They do not require much energy.

With the advancements in technology, the good brands of pedestal fans are making them more and more energy-efficient. This means that your pedestal fan will significantly consume a lot less energy/power as compared to other types of fans and will result in your electricity bill is under control during the summer season when we are using the cooling devices all day long. This is a great advantage.

Even distribution of air.

Almost all the pedestal fans are equipped with the oscillating function and this makes it possible for them to distribute the air very evenly in the spaces that they are operating it. This plus point makes sure that everyone who is in the space around the pedestal fan will get equal levels of cooling or airflow.

Easy to operate.

The pedestal fans are extremely easy to operate. Most of the brands now offer pedestal fans with remote control features which makes it even easier to operate them. All you need to do is press a button or two and it starts working without hassles.

Easy to move around.

Due to the portable, lightweight, and compact designs of the pedestal fans that are in the market currently, it is very easy to move them around without a lot of effort. This is a great advantage.

These were the major advantages of pedestal fans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why choose a pedestal fan over a ceiling or table fan?

The one main reason for which you should be choosing a pedestal fan over a ceiling or a table fan is if you want a large space to be cooled with air. A ceiling fan and a table fan won’t do any good in large spaces. And other than large spaces, only pedestal fans will work outdoors such as a lawn or a terrace where a table fan and ceiling fan won’t be able to operate.

What features must a pedestal fan possess?

A pedestal fan must possess the following features:

  • Power Efficient: It must not consume a lot of energy.
  • Portable: It must be easily moveable.
  • Speed control: It must have speed control options.

These features are very essential for the efficient performance of pedestal fans.

How to assemble a pedestal fan?

Most of the fans are pre-assembled when you get them and most require a slight assembling process. You should go for a good brand that provides you with a manual regarding the assembly of the fan as there is no one for all guides as all fans require different processes in their assembly.


We have provided you with all the information that you are going to need regarding the function, features, and buying guide for pedestal fans. We have also provided you with a list of the best pedestal fans in the market currently. If you follow our buying guide and keep in mind all that we have told you regarding good pedestal fans, we are sure that you will be able to make a perfect buying decision. We hope that we will be of some help to you in your purchase of the best pedestal fan for yourself.