Crompton is one of the leading companies in the ceiling fans market. With a 75+ years old brand legacy, it is a versatile and innovative brand offering high-class ceiling fans for over decades now. Innovation is a key factor responsible for its market dominance over the years as its energy-efficient fans are a boon to … Read more

3 Blades vs 4 Blades vs and 5 Blades Ceiling fan comparison

A fan is an electrical machine with rotating blades, creating a current of cool air in the atmosphere. One of the key elements that play an important role in delivering the air is the blades of the fan. However, there are also some other factors that should be considered rather than blades only. The following … Read more

Gorilla Ceiling Fans (BLDC) by Atomberg Technologies Review 2021

Atomberg Technologies is one of the prominent names in the fan industry. Atomberg Technologies came up with an incredible innovation: the energy-efficient gorilla fans. These gorilla ceiling fans are based on a brushless direct current which is commonly known as BLDC, motor technology which consumes around 65 % lesser electrical energy as compared to the … Read more

What ceiling fan size do I need?

Getting the right size of a ceiling fan will not only help in increasing the aesthetics of your interior but it will also help you in saving power, efficiently. The best ceiling fan consists of many components that allow it to function but the parts that help us determine ceiling fan size are its blades … Read more