How Much Electricity Does a Fan Use?

During the hot summer days in India, all of us want a constant flow of cool air to hit us so that we stay cool. But, the issue at hand is that we can’t keep the fans turned on 24/7 because of how it will raise our electricity bills. We want the cooling and also something that is energy efficient so that we don’t need to pay a lot of money every month for electricity consumption.

When deciding about which fan to buy for the household, a person considers many different variables and one of them, a very important one is whether the fan is energy efficient or not. Fortunately, all the good companies are now making energy-efficient fans that consume the least amount of energy possible to make sure that the electricity costs are low.

Customers are often confused regarding the types of fans and their electricity consumption. It is difficult to decide whether to get a ceiling fan, a table fan, or a pedestal fan so that the electricity costs are low. But don’t worry; we are here to help you with that. We will provide you with the essential information that you need to understand how much electricity a fan uses per hour and in general.

How Much is the electricity consumption of a fan?

The electricity consumption of a fan is measured in watts. Most of the Companies already mention the amount of power a fan consumes per hour. For instance, if a company lists that their fans have electricity consumption of 50 watts, then it simply means that their fans consume 50 watts power in one hour or 60 minutes. Various fan-types consume different amounts of power. The most famous fan-types are table fans, ceiling fans, tower fans, and pedestal fans. The following information will give you an understanding of which fan-type consumes more electricity.

How much electricity does a table fan use?

A table fan is a fan-type that is usually light-weighted, portable, and highly energy efficient. The amount of electricity a table fan consumes per hour ranges between 50 watts to 112 watts. A table fan with normal speed is observed to consume 50 watts to 55 watts power while a high-speed table fan consumes from 60 watts to 112 watts power.

How much electricity does a ceiling fan use?

A ceiling fan is a fan-type that is mounted on the ceiling to circulate the air in a room. A ceiling fan with normal speed consumes 80 watts power per hour. If you have an old model ceiling fan, the power consumption can be up to 150 watts per hour. However, the latest model ceiling fans are designed to be cost-effective, consuming 25 watts to 45 watts of power per hour.

How much electricity does a tower fan use?

As the name implies the tower fan is a tower-like, tall fan with rotating blades. The power consumption of a tower fan ranges between 40 watts to 160 watts per hour. The big and older model of tower fans consumes about 160 watts power while the latest model tower fans consume 40 watts to 60 watts power per hour.

How much electricity does a pedestal fan use?

A pedestal fan is an oscillating fan supported by an adjustable stand. A normal pedestal fan consumes 40 watts to 55 watts of power per hour. The power consumption may vary in different models.

All Fan-Types Power Consumption Comparison

The following table compares the average electricity consumption of various fan-types. The fan with the highest electricity consumption per hour is the Ceiling fan while the fan with the lowest electricity consumption per hour is the Table fan.

  Table fan Ceiling Fan Tower Fan Pedestal Fan
Power Consumption Per Hour 50 watts 80 watts 60 watts 55 watts


How to Calculate the Power Consumption of a Fan


There is some information required to calculate the electricity consumption of a fan. You can find the power consumption of a fan both in terms of money and Kilowatts. The required information that is used to calculate electricity consumption is mentioned below.

1. The power given in watts

Most of the fan manufacturing companies list the electricity consumption details of a fan in watts. For instance, companies mention a feature that their fans consume 50 watts power, by this feature they mean that their fans consume 50 watts of electricity per hour. It is important to know the power consumption of your fan in watts before proceeding.

2. Cost per Kilowatt

This refers to the amount of money that is charged by your electricity provider per kilowatt of electricity usage. In simple terms, your electricity provider charges you for the number of Kilowatts that you use over the period of time. You can refer to your electricity provider’s website to know about the charges.

The above information is all we need to calculate the power consumption of a fan.

Calculate power consumption:

After obtaining the above-required information, use the following formulae to know how much electricity your fan uses.

In terms of Kilowatt

You can calculate how much electricity a fan uses in terms of Kilowatt through the following formulae

*Power consumption in Kilowatts per hour = your fan power consumption in watts ÷ 1000

  • The amount of electricity consumed by a fan per hour is usually mentioned in watts. However, in order to calculate the electricity consumption, first we have to convert the watts into kilowatts.
  • For example, you have a fan that consumes 50 watts of power. In order to find the usage in terms of Kilowatts, divide the 50 watts by 1000 and it will give a value of 0.05 kilowatts. The value 0.05 Kilowatts is the electricity consumption rate of the fan per hour.

In terms of money

After finding the power consumption in Kilowatts and cost per Kilowatt, you can easily calculate the electricity consumption cost of a fan through the following formulae

*Power consumption cost = (Kilowatt per hour) x (Cost per Kilowatt) x (time)

Power Consumption cost per hour, per day and per month

Suppose, you have a fan that consumes 50 watts of power. The 50 watts power when converted to Kilowatts becomes 0.05 Kilowatts (Calculated through the above-mentioned formulae in the point “1” that is “In terms of Kilowatt”), the cost per Kilowatt is 20 INR and we are finding the consumption cost per hour. We have to multiply all of the mentioned values. The result obtained by multiplying all of the values to each other is the power consumption cost per hour.


*Power Consumption cost per hour = (0.05) x (20) x (1)

                                Result = 1 rupee cost per hour


*Power Consumption cost per day = (0.05) x (20) x (24)

                                Result = 24 rupees cost per day (In case the fan runs 24 hours)


*Power Consumption cost per month = (0.05) x (20) x (24) x (30)

                           Result = 720 rupees cost per month (In case the fan runs 24 hours for 30 days)


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