Luminous Power Technologies is a dynamic and highly trusted brand with a wide range of innovative products such as inverter batteries, solar solutions, and home appliances like ceiling fans, LED bulbs, etc. It enjoys over 30 years of impactful market presence worldwide. With “Customer First” as one of its core values, Luminous products and after-sale services have never disappointed its customers.

In the ceiling fans market, Luminous offers a variety of fans across different designs, prices, colours, styles, and functionality. Luminous fans are popular for being energy-efficient that reflects their innovative approach and environmental concerns. It has ceiling fans in store for all categories of customers depending upon their requirements.
Check out the Luminous Fans Price List 2021 below!

SL. NO.HAVELLS FANSReview & Buying
1.Luminous Dhoom 1200mm 70-Watt High Speed Ceiling Fan (IvoryCheck on Amazon
2.Luminous Morpheus Anti-Rust 1200mm Ceiling Fan (White)Check on Amazon
3.Luminous Audie 1200mm 70-Watt Ceiling Fan (Mirage White)Check on Amazon
4.Luminous New York Brooklyn 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Ale Brown)Check on Amazon
5.Luminous London Mayfair 1200MM Designer Ceiling Fan (Wimblendon White)Check on Amazon
6.Luminous Jaipur Ghoomar 1200mm Designer Ceiling Fan (Abu Black)Check on Amazon


PRICE RANGE FROM (RS 1000 – 2000)

Luminous Dhoom 1200mm 70-Watt High Speed Ceiling Fan (Ivory)


Luminous Dhoom High Speed Ceiling Fan is an excellent product offered by Luminous at Rs 1900 only. With high ratings on Amazon, it is a good choice when it comes to high grade fan with efficient airflow that too at a competitive price.


-Big and powerful motor produces high-speed rotation to provide optimum cooling
-Equipped with an aluminium motor body for corrosion resistance and sturdiness
-Pure electrolytic grade copper windings wire for an improved life span
-Smartly designed wider blades ensure a wider spread of air all around the room
-Runs at s high speed of 380 RPM to provide maximum air delivery of about 220 CMM
-Designed to suit varied genres of interiors like modern, heritage, antique, etc
-Operates using power up to 70 Watts which is decent
-Visually appealing, super-classy, and comes in decent colours
-2-year warranty by Luminous


Luminous Morpheus Anti-Rust 1200mm Ceiling Fan (White)


Luminous Morpheus Ceiling Fan by Luminous is yet another highly-reviewed ceiling fan on Amazon in the range of Rs 1000 to 2000. With a cost of about Rs 1500, it is a decent and pocket-friendly option for many Indians.


-Equipped with an extensively powerful motor that enhances the speed of rotation
-3 smartly crafted blades for superior air delivery of 230 CMM and better airflow
-Sturdy aluminium body adds to its strength and durability and makes it anti-rust
-Rotates smoothly and silently with a super high speed of 380 RPM
-Wide aluminium blades ensure stability and prevent wobbling of the fan
-Consumes a bit high power of around 75 Watts
-Pure copper winding ensures superior performance even at low voltage
-Elegant design provides a sophisticated look to your home decor
-Comes with a 2-year warranty



Luminous Audie 1200mm 70-Watt Ceiling Fan (Mirage White)


Priced at Rs 2200 approximately, Luminous Audie is a robust and high-speed ceiling fan available in the price range from Rs 2000 to 3000. It is a classic fan with simplistic but elegant features and style.

-Runs at an excellent speed of 380 RPM to provide optimum cooling
-Sturdy fan with aluminium blades for improved shelf life and strength
-Air delivery of 230 CMM provides maximum comfort to every corner of the room
-Wider blade tip account for better air circulation and thrust
-Equipped with 12 pole motor for high-speed rotation and improved heat dissipation
-Power consumption of 78 Watts is high
-Innovative and modern design with metallic finish enriches your home decor
-Coupled with a 2 years warranty on manufacturing defects


Luminous New York Brooklyn 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Ale Brown)


It is a stylish ceiling fan priced at around Rs 2900 and inspired by the subtle contrasts within downtown Brooklyn. Part of the trendy range of fans influenced by New York, its quality is definitely worth the price.

-High-quality ABS motor ensures high speed of 350 RPM
-Sleek and aesthetic design with a hint of lustre complements all types of interiors
-99% copper motor wiring account for longevity
-Broad blades account for optimum air circulation and air delivery of 230 CMM
-Cosmopolitan features like mirror finish coating give it a luxurious look and feel
-Dust-repellent coating enables ease of cleaning and maintaining
-Not so energy efficient as power consumption is around 75 Watts
-2 years warranty



Luminous London Mayfair 1200MM Designer Ceiling Fan


One of the premium range decorative fans, Luminous London Mayfair is inspired by the freshness and beauty of lilies. With a price of Rs 3300, it is a power-saving classic fan by Luminous that brings about imperial standards and style.
-High-speed rotation of 350 RPM and excellent air delivery of 235 CMM
-An exceptionally low power consumption of just 47 Watts makes it highly energy-efficient
-Uniquely designed fan with a hint of royal British touch
-Wider blade tip enables optimum heat dissipation and better cooling
-Equipped with sturdy pole motor to ensure smooth and noiseless functioning
-Aesthetically crafted dynamic yet graceful fan
-2 years warranty on the product


Luminous Jaipur Ghoomar 1200mm Designer Ceiling Fan 


It is a top-notch ceiling fan inspired by the grandeur and richness of the royal city of Jaipur. It will cost you Rs 4150 approximately. Coupled with ecstatic class and traditional Indian design, it is an amazing choice for people looking for premium energy-efficient fans.

-Traditional ornate work makes it special and outstanding
-Pole motor accounts for efficient functioning and a high speed of 350 RPM
-Broad blades for better air circulation and a higher delivery of 235 CMM
-A highly pocket-friendly and eco-friendly fan width power consumption of 47 watts only
-Beautifully crafted filigree art design using the advanced technique of foil transfer adds to its luxury and richness
-Seamless and noise-free operation of the fan even at a high speed
-Classy metallic paint finish and magnificent colour shades enhance the aesthetics of any interiors
-Comes with a 2-year warranty


Q. How good is the customer support of Luminous?
Luminous has really amazing customer support. It has a handy website and a mobile application of its own for easy booking complaints, locating service centres, locating stores, etc. It also provides a 24×7 calling facility at its centralized centre. Moreover, Luminous hires a bunch of trained professionals across the country to provide doorstep servicing. It also owns hundreds of service centres pan India. Further, it operates a toll-free number, Whatsapp number, and email id to enhance its customer care and support.

Q. How does the warranty provided by Luminous work?
The warranty period for Luminous fans starts for the date of sale or the date of installation whichever is later. Additionally, Luminous offers the facility of paperless warranty. It means registering the product online and digitally claiming a warranty on the same. The concept of a paperless warranty eases the customer from preserving the invoice copy or warranty card.
In case of damage or defect in the product, you need to register your complaint regarding the same either online or on their customer care number. After you’ve registered a complaint, a Luminous service engineer will visit your home to serve you. The services so provided will be free of cost in case the product is within warranty else you’ll be charged accordingly.