Why does my ceiling fan wobble or hum?

Have you recently noticed your ceiling fan wobble or are you hearing a weird humming sound out of it? The wobbling and humming may be a part of a bigger problem and should be dealt with as quickly as possible!

A fan spinning at high speeds with an average 1400 RPM (Rotations Per Minute) with a wobble or hum can cause harm to its motor and down rod. If the down rod breaks, the fan can cause serious injuries to the people around it.

For your ease, we have identified a set of reasons that may cause your fan to wobble or hum with quick 10-minute solutions to these problems. (Please exercise caution before dealing with any kind of electric devices by wearing proper equipment and turning off current to that device)

The reason behind Why does my ceiling fan wobble or hum?

Dirt on the fan:

Sometimes the accumulated dust, scraps, or dirt on the blades of the fans can cause it to lose balance and make it wobble. Use a wet cloth to gently wipe off the dirt on the blades and dust off the area with a dusting cloth. Be careful not to put too much force upwards and downwards on the blades when cleaning, as it may cause further misbalancing.

Loose screws:

One loose area anywhere on the fan can cause the whole fan to lose its balance and cause a wobble. To solve this issue start by removing the canopy cover (bowl-shaped cover nearest to the roof) and tightening the screws that hold the roof and fan together, then tighten the screws of the down rod. Next, tighten the screws between the blades and the blade holders in the middle. The last step is to check if each blade is equally distant from the roof and if one blade is off measurements try slightly bending and adjusting it according to the other blades.

Expired blades:

If the blades seem to be in poor condition due to their prolonged usage it might be the reason why the fan is wobbling and it would be a good time to replace them. When replacing the blades, please be careful to buy the blades from the same manufacturing company and not to use other brands as each has their own compatibility.
A wobble in most cases will also be the main cause for a humming noise coming out of a fan and these fixes should solve both of your problems but if there is still a humming noise we suggest you try the following:

No Lubrication:

The lubricants lubricating most parts of the fan must have run out. It would be wise to use some lubricating oil in the moving parts of the fan such as the bearing or even rotating machine parts. Machine oil is usually provided with new fans and WD-40 is also a common substitute. Why does my ceiling fan wobble or hum?

Bad wiring:

If you notice that turning on other electric appliances such as the bulbs worsen the hum, then it may be a case of bad wiring and you would have to consult an electrician to take a look at it.

Note: A bit of hum is always normal for a ceiling fan, especially at low speeds. If the wobble is of 4 inches or less it is also considered normal but anything more than that could be a sign of danger.

If you have any more related queries on why does my ceiling fan wobble or hum? Ask us out in the comments.